Amid Bellator’s Merging Rumors, the PFL President Confirms MMA Fight Talks Between Deontay Wilder and Francis Ngannou

Published 11/03/2023, 7:50 AM EDT

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In the electrifying world of combat sports, there’s always room for surprises. The latest buzz revolves around an epic clash that could redefine the boundaries between MMA and boxing. Rumors amid Bellator merger, president of PFL, Ray Sefo hints at the possibility of  Deontay Wilder stepping into the MMA cage against the formidable Francis Ngannou.

This will set the stage for an adrenaline-pumping showdown. President Ray Sefo recently hinted at the tantalizing possibility of these two titans going head-to-head in both the Smart Cage and the boxing ring. Furthermore, this sparked excitement among fans worldwide.

Ray Sefo teases Deontay Wilder vs Francis Ngannou


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Sefo, in a recent statement, revealed that discussions have begun regarding a potential match between Wilder and Ngannou. The prospect of Wilder, entering the high-tech Smart Cage of the Professional Fighters League (PFL) is nothing short of groundbreaking. This clash of styles mixes the precision of boxing with the versatility of MMA. Of course, this promises an unforgettable spectacle for fight enthusiasts. “until we sit down with Francis and  I know that my team also has  contacts to Deontay so we’ll just Wait and see.”


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The idea doesn’t end there. Sefo hinted at the potential of a two-fight deal, where Wilder and Ngannou would first battle it out in the Smart Cage followed by a rematch in the traditional boxing ring. The mere thought of these two powerhouses exchanging blows in two different arenas has sent shockwaves through the combat sports community.

However, Sefo emphasized that these discussions are still in the early stages. While there have been talks, nothing is set in stone. Both Wilder and Ngannou need to be available for detailed negotiations before any concrete plans can be made. Sefo’s team has already established contacts with Wilder’s camp, indicating a genuine interest in making this dream matchup a reality.

A merger that’s in the talks

Earlier this year, according to Bloody Elbow, rumors started circulating in the combat sports community that there were talks about PFL acquiring Bellator. Importantly, Bellator is the second biggest MMA promotion after UFC. Currently, Paramount Global owns Bellator. This of course is a result of the merger between Viacom and CBS.

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Similarly, PFL has experienced a significant surge in its popularity in recent years. Despite widespread speculation suggesting that Paramount Global might be considering the sale of the promotion, no official confirmation has been made thus far. Regardless of the buzz surrounding these rumors and the Bellator 300 event, there is no indication that such a development is currently underway.


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The potential of witnessing Wilder against Ngannou’s knockout power in both MMA and boxing has fans eagerly anticipating the outcome. The alliance between PFL’s innovative approach and the excitement surrounding these fighters has set the stage for a historic event. Moreover, it will be the one that could transcend the boundaries of combat sports.


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Fight enthusiasts eagerly await further updates. Undoubtedly, one thing is certain: if this epic clash does materialize, it will be a momentous occasion. It will be showcasing the best of both worlds in the adrenaline-fueled realm of combat sports. 

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