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“Did He Not Know That Was a 20-Year-Old Man?”: Chael Sonnen Rips Into Mike Tyson for Almost Giving Hasbulla ‘A Noogie’

Published 03/24/2023, 1:14 PM EDT

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Mike Tyson, the former two-time heavyweight champion and probably one of the most famous names that the fight game ever produced rubbed shoulders with the social media personality Hasbulla when the latter visited Tyson’s HotBoxin studio. The duo sat together and had an exciting conversation where in between the conversation, the 20-year-old Dagestani who is suffering from growth hormone deficiency showcased his boxing skills to ‘The Baddest Man on Planet.’

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Often caught hanging out with elite UFC fighters, Hasbulla is a big-fight game enthusiast. Fond of sport, the man has learned skills that he had to show when he came across the boxing giant. He laced gloves and hit Tyson’s hands as if they were mitts. While doing so, Tyson picked him in the middle and cradled him as if he was a toddler. The 57-year-old did not stop there. Holding him like a baby, he pretended to eat Hasbulla’s ear.


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The podcast shared this bizarre video on social media and received mixed reactions. However, a few members of the UFC community criticised Mike Tyson for his actions. The former UFC star Chael Sonnen tore apart ‘Iron’ Mike for the way he engaged with Hasbulla.

What did Sonnen say about Mike Tyson acting with Hasbulla as if the latter was a baby?

The former UFC middleweight title contender Sonnen was so intrigued by Tyson’s behavior towards Hasbulla that he made a separate video on it. Talking about this meeting, Sonnen passed several bold remarks on Tyson. However, he claimed he loved the heavyweight phenomenon.

“This yesterday, he got the dope going, he’s got the whole thing and he does the hit from Hasbulla and then he picks him up and he turns him upside down Pats him on the button, hugs his head and he was one step away from giving him a noogie. That’s a 20-year-old man. Did he not know that was a 20-year-old man? Did nobody tell him that I mean not for nothing but Hasbulla is a pretty big deal? He really is,” Sonnen said.
Despite Tyson picking him up and treating him like a baby, Hasbulla is ready to revisit the podcast. He wrote this on Twitter.
“Moments before Mike picked him up,” Hasbulla’s Twitter handle posted.


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