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‘He Beat Him to Death’: Joe Rogan Left Stunned While Watching Boxer Die in the Ring After Taking Flurry of Punches

Published 12/28/2022, 2:00 PM EST

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UFC commentator Joe Rogan has seen his fair share of brutal fights throughout his career as a fight announcer. However, even the former Fear Factor host was shocked after witnessing a boxer die in the ring. This happened after Rogan reacted to some of the most brutal knockouts in boxing history.

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On his podcast The Joe Rogan Experience, he claimed that a boxer was actually killed in the ring during a fight. Following this, he and his co-host reacted to the infamous fight.


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Joe Rogan reacts to a boxer dying in the ring

Rogan stated that this fight took place between Benny Paret and Emile Griffith back in the 60s. Moreover, in this fight, the former was killed during their match after teasing Paret and accusing him of being homosexual. “Benny Paret died in the ring. Benny Parat died in the ring Benny Parat was killed by Emile Griffith. Griffith beat him to death in the ring after Benny teased him for being gay he kept talking sh*t about him being gay and he beat him to death.” he said.

Later he and his guest reacted to the video which left Rogan shocked. He described how Griffith killed Paret with a flurry of punches while Griffith was stuck in the ropes leading to his death.


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So he’s stuck in the ropes and Emile Griffith is just teeing off on him while he’s out trapped in the ropes and he collapses and then he’s dead.” he added

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This fight came as a shock to many given the rivalry that had been brewing between Paret and Griffith. However, this fight was not one that lead to better reforms in the sport. In the podcast, Rogan also detailed the tragic death of Kim Duk-Koo which reshaped boxing forever.

Rogan shares the story of the fight that changed boxing

The UFC commentator also detailed another fight that bought on a lot of change in the sport. He revealed that a South Korean boxer named Duk Koo Kim died in his bout against Ray Mancini. Moreover, he added that this was the reason why boxing fights were changed to 12 rounds instead of the previous 15.

That was the one where Duk Koo Kim died and I think that was when they started to go 12 rounds. I think they went to 12 rounds after that because they were doing 15 rounds before and I think Duk Koo Kim died in the 13th or 14th round. I think that they decided 12 rounds would be the right one.” he said

USA Today via Reuters

This was certainly a fight that shaped boxing for the coming generations. The sport has since then adopted the 12-round system for championship bouts. However, Kim’s life was the sacrifice that helped bring about this change.


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