“I Don’t Care What Anyone Says” – Joe Rogan Picks Logan Paul Over Floyd Mayweather in MMA

October 1, 2020 4:59 pm

YouTube sensation Logan Paul hasn’t received many appraisals, but Joe Rogan changed that. The UFC commentator has recently hailed Logan for his unprecedented wrestling skills, favoring him over Floyd Mayweather in an MMA fight.

Although Joe Rogan doesn’t see him anywhere near Mayweather in a boxing match, he is still interested to see the matchup. In his recent podcast episode, Rogan gave his opinion on Logan Paul’s combat skills, citing him to be a superior athlete.

That said, Logan Paul’s pro record in combat sports isn’t looming at all. He is just one-fight old in pro boxing, which he lost against KSI in 2019. However, Rogan still bills Logan as an “enormous man,” intensifying his rumored fight with Mayweather.

Joe Rogan puts his money on Logan Paul over Floyd Mayweather

The 53-year-old believes that Paul will vanquish Mayweather inside the octagon. He believes Logan Paul is a “good athlete” and picking him over Mayweather in an MMA fight wasn’t that hard.

“Well, one thing I will tell you. Logan Paul is a really good athlete, and he is an enormous man. Now, if it was an MMA fight, I would pick Logan Paul,” Rogan said.

Rogan then recalled Logan’s wrestling session with Paulo Costa. Since Costa is one of the most lethal MMA fighters, it isn’t easy to hang around with him.

Thus, Paul’s performance against Costa has impressed the UFC commentator. Talking about the YouTuber’s wrestling skills, Rogan said:

“There’s a video of Logan Paul wrestling with Paulo Costa. It’s a real, live wrestling… Like live wrestling sparring wrestling session where he is exhibiting real skill. He (Paul) knows how to scramble, he has got real wrestling.”

Thus, Rogan doesn’t care if anybody belittles Logan Paul’s skills. He has seen what Paul can do and doesn’t mind praising that. The UFC commentator said:

“Paulo Costa is a monster and Logan Paul is just hanging in there. I don’t care what anybody says… I am like, ‘That kid is impressive.’ ”

Fighting Mayweather inside the squared circle won’t be a simple task. Thus, the YouTuber turned boxer needs to be alert if they ever collide inside the ring.

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