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“It’s Not My Sport”- Georges St-Pierre Opens Up on Boxing as a Career

“It’s Not My Sport”- Georges St-Pierre Opens Up on Boxing as a Career

Georges St-Pierre is widely regarded as the greatest fighters to grace the sport of MMA. GSP is a former two-division UFC champion and has fought and defeated some of the best fighters in the UFC.

The Canadian fighter was lauded for his excellent striking coupled with impeccable wrestling. GSP was dangerous on the ground and on his feet.

Also, he famously came out of retirement after nearly 4 years ago to secure the middleweight championship against Michael Bisping.
Despite being an excellent striker, GSP revealed he would struggle in boxing and has not made any final decision on the sport

GSP further said that he lacks the experience and would be at a disadvantage compared to more experienced boxers.

Georges St-Pierre believes he won’t transition to boxing

“When I perform I want to do something that I feel I’m at my best. And boxing is very limited, a restricted form of fighting but it’s a very specialized form of fighting and I didn’t specialize in that particular game.

“My boxing looks good when I’m allowed to kick and elbow and when I’m allowed to take down cause that’s what I do. And in a pure boxing game when I spar with world champions I can’t hang with them more than a few rounds.

“It’s not my sport and I can’t be as efficient as they are. The use tricks I can’t use in my sport.”

Georges St-Pierre

Georges St-Pierre might be gearing up for one last dance against Khabib Nurmagomedov.  Khabib has revealed that it’s a fight he’s ready for, after he faces Justin Gaethje. ‘The Eagle’ will defend his belt and will hope to maintain his perfect record and retain his title.

Though they two may meet in a catchweight bout, however, GSP has been on a weight cut for some time.

Khabib Nurmagomedov clarified that talks are going on for a legacy fight against Georges St-Pierre, which might be his last fight.

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