Mike Tyson Recieves A Stern Warning From A Pro Wrestling Legend

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It’s an age-old saying that the past would come back to haunt. The saying couldn’t have been more true for Chris Jericho. The AEW Superstar has had some atrocious memories of Boxing legend Mike Tyson from his time in the WWE.

The heat reignited when Tyson made an appearance at AEW Dynamite along with former UFC Fighters during a Chris Jericho segment.

Jericho recalled a moment years back from WWE.

The two stars ended up in a huge brawl and have since issued multiple warnings to each other.

The background

During his time with WWE, Jericho was knocked out by Mike Tyson on Monday Night Raw back in 2010.

The AEW segment started off by addressing the popular incident.

Jericho asked for an apology which Iron Mike obviously refused. Tyson started the brawl and many rushed in to separate both stars.

Since then, the heat has only grown further among the two.

Both have continuously called out each other. A matchup between the two could certainly be in works.

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Chris Jericho warns Mike Tyson yet again

Last night, AEW went head-to-head with WWE as the two companies hosted their own set of PPV’s.

AEW’s Fyter Fest had some spectacular matchups. The two-day event will further continue on the 8th of July.

Chris Jericho was a commentator for the night and right before Cody Rhodes’ title match, Jericho sent out a stern warning directed at Iron Mike.


Mike Tyson will listen. You show your face again and I will knock you out”, Jericho said.

Is the feud likely to continue down the lane? We could say yes. AEW would look to further cash in on the opportunity.

At the moment, Jericho is engaged with Orange Cassidy.

It looks like Cassidy is up for a huge push. Chris Jericho giving Cassidy the win would be all that he needs to sling into the top.

Tyson could even make an appearance during their matchup, thus setting up the stage for their big match. What are your thoughts on this? Leave them on the comments below.

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