“Another Washed Up 50 Year Old Retired”: Jake Paul’s Next Opponent Ryan Bourland’s Training Clip Draws Scathing Remarks From Fans

Published 02/25/2024, 12:50 AM EST

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Jake Paul is on a mission to become a world champion. At least, that’s what the YouTuber-turned-boxer claims his goals are. However, is fighting a series of unknown fighters on the brink of retirement the right way to glory? The boxing world doesn’t think so! In a recent pinch, a training clip of Ryan Bourland, Jake’s upcoming opponent, surfaced online, and boy, did the fans go to town on him. 

‘The Problem Child’ Paul will go toe-to-toe with Bourland on March 2 at Coliseo Jose Miguel Agrelot Arena in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Bourland is a 35-year-old boxer with a 17-2 record coming off a three-fight win streak. With less than a week left in their clash, Overtime Boxing shared the clip in question on social media.

Is Ryan Bourland ready for Saturday night?


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Turning to Instagram, Overtime Boxing shared Bourland’s clip, captioning it, “Jake Paul’s opponent for next Saturday, Ryan Bourland.” In the clip, Bourland can be seen shadowboxing, practicing his head movement, and hitting the pads with his trainer. So, the question is – is Bourland ready to do what others before him could not? 

There are no details available on what Bourland’s camp has been like, but he did receive a call from Nate Diaz, Paul’s old opponent from MMA. Diaz showed his support for the unknown boxer, and Bourland thanked him for it on social media. However, when the training clip surfaced online, fans weren’t convinced that Bourland was ready to defeat ‘The Problem Child.’


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Fans accuse Jake Paul of cherry-picking opponent

This isn’t the first time Jake Paul has received criticism for choosing easy opponents, but with the clip shared online, Bourland became an unwitting victim of fans’ dissatisfaction. One user highlighted that Ryan Bourland has only fought once since 2018, accusing Paul of hand-picking his opponents. The user wrote, “He’s boxed [one] time since 2018 btw. Cherry-picking at its fines.” 


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Another user claimed that he was a better fighter than Bourland. “I think I’m a better Boxer than this guy LOL,” the user commented. 

Someone else suggested Paul has selected yet another washed-up boxer, who he knows will lose the fight. The user wrote, “Another washed up 50 year old retired boxer I’m not surprised tbh.”


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The next user had his predictions for the fight ready to go. The user claimed, “Jake definitely won this one.” 

While everyone criticized Paul or Bourland’s skills, this user was happy for Bourland. The user wrote, “Good for that guy he gets a pay day.”


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Like  Apollo Creed selected Rocky Balboa out of random, expecting no resistance, Ryan Bourland has the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to cause an upset. And possibly become bigger than what this fight pays him. However, fans don’t think that’s going to happen as they dismiss Bourland’s skill. Do you think it will be an easy affair for Jake Paul? Let us know in the comments section.

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