Brad Keselowski Spins in the Pitlane But Crew Performs Great Pitstop

May 1, 2019 7:46 pm

During a NASCAR race in Talladega, Driver number 2, Brad Keselowski had a very embarrassing moment. As it turns out, the driver lost control and spun while entering the pits. Luckily, he did not hit anything or anyone and somehow managed to end up in his pit box.

However, Brad Keselowski was facing the wrong direction, but it did not stop his crew from servicing him. The pit crew improvised and managed to execute a proper pit stop before Brad Keselowski performed a 180° turn and carried on his way.

In the end, he finished the race in 13th place, while Driver number 9, Chase Elliott won. Keselowski applauded his team for improvising when faced with the unexpected situation. Brad Keselowski also berated himself for the spin, dubbing himself, ‘an idiot’. However, the 35-year old confessed that “Hearing the crowd cheer at the end is pretty dang cool”.

It was a legal pitstop because Keselowski’s Ford Mustang stopped well within the lines. The strange incident occurred when there were just 33 laps to go. Also, since the stop was technically legal, there were no repercussions for the driver or the team. Also, Brad Keselowski was lucky that no other car was coming down the pit lane when he corrected his position.

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