BRADFORD CITY’S German owners have announced they will charge just £1 per match if the team reaches the Premier League.
Bradford sit in the play-offs so they could be just one division away next season from £1 tickets

Having arrived last May, Bradford’s City Co-owner Edin Rahic says he can afford to be so generous in top flight thanks to TV money,  while season tickets next year are only £149.

It’s all going good so far with the Bantams offering some of the most affordable match tickets in English football and attracting a huge average home crowd of 18,000 as a result.

Bantams boss Stuart McCall has his side playing impressively at home.

Having previously made the same promise, Rahic used an interview with The Times to reiterate that the club are committed to preserving football’s working class roots by keeping their prices as low as possible:

“It’s our dream, of course, to be in the Premier League and if we get there, the tickets will be £1 per game.”

“You already get at least £100 million from the TV money. The income of the ticketing would be a small percentage compared to TV money.”

“When you look at ticket prices in the Premier League, when even the bottom of the table gets £100 million in TV money, I think it’s a shame to charge so much.”

“So why would you not give something back to the fans? I want to have the best atmosphere in England.”

And it seems to work, having not lost at home in more than a year with Saturday’s 2-1 win over Swindon keeping them in the play-offs.

Things could be getting a whole lot better soon off the pitch at Bradford City.


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