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Brawl Breaks Out Between Cincinnati Reds and Pittsburgh Pirates

Brawl Breaks Out Between Cincinnati Reds and Pittsburgh Pirates

On Wednesday, the Cincinnati Reds faced off against the Pittsburgh Pirates in the MLB. While the Reds eventually won the game 4-1, it turned out to be a hot-blooded affair. During the 9th innings of the game, Reds player, Amir Garrett got ejected from the field. However, it did not go down well for the Reds and a massive dogfight was triggered.

When the melee was finally broken up, at least five players were ejected from the game. It all started when Garrett charged towards the opposing dugout and began to throw punches.

The Cincinnati Reds player defended his actions, saying, “A lot of guys act tough. Maybe it was the heat of the game.”

“I don’t condone what I did. It’s not in the game for something like that to happen.”

“Sometimes, you let emotions get the best of you. I don’t like for kids to see that in the baseball environment. Baseball is fun. The violence shouldn’t be in there.”

“At the end of the day, it’s about protecting your team-mates, protecting yourself.”

Afterwards, Pittsburgh player Trevor Williams confessed, “How it ended up today was extremely unfortunate. It’s not good for baseball, it’s not good for the fans, it’s not good for anybody.”

As expected in a brawl, there were a few injuries, and even Garrett did not escape unscathed, having been the instigator and being in the thick of the action.

Garrett’s reaction was the culmination of numerous events, starting with Pirates reliever Keone Kela threw an up-and-in fastball to Reds infielder Derek Dietrich in the seventh innings.

“It’s like all hell broke loose,” center fielder Nick Senzel said. “There are just bodies flying around everywhere. You’re trying to back your teammates up and help them when they need help. … It was crazy.”

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