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Brawn has a Backup Plan if F1 2019 Rules Fail

Brawn has a Backup Plan if F1 2019 Rules Fail

Formula One Head of Sport Ross Brawn has revealed that the FIA is prepared for a scenario where the rules for the 2019 F1 season will not be well-received.

He revealed that the 2021 rules will be withheld if all does not go to plan.

The fresh set of rules are expected to allow for more overtaking but many are concerned that teams will have made up for the lost downforce by the start of the season.

Brawn revealed what would happen if it does not go to plan.

“You have to emphasize that it is a philosophy and a culture – not a one-time solution,” said Brawn to formula1.com.

“If we do not get everything we want to achieve with the changes, then we’ll learn from that and move on to the next phase.”

Ross Brawn

Brawn did, however, admit they’re slightly in the dark until the cars drive.

“Although we do not know the solutions until the cars drive, but according to forecasts, we will achieve 20 per cent improvement,” said the Briton

“We’re about a quarter of what we think is possible.

“It’s not a one-time thing you do and never touch again.” added Brawn.

The last time a set of rules had to be changed when the infamous elimination-style qualifying was introduced.

That system was scrapped after there was a lot of confusion and poor execution. Brawn will be keen to avoid a repeat of that unfortunate circumstance.

Coming back to the 2019 F1 season, another rule change that was introduced was the altered grid penalty system. In the event of multiple drivers getting grid penalties, they will still have to qualify and their grid order will be decided then.

In theory, this will force drivers to get out on the track when the instinct is to stay in the pits and save tyres and fuel.

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