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Breakable Records in F1 2018

Breakable Records in F1 2018


Records are meant to be broken. Formula 1 is no exception. Below are the team and driver records that can be broken during the F1 2018 campaign. Some are outright holders, or others are moving up in the top 10 of certain categories.

Team and Engine Manufacturer Records:

  • McLaren, Red Bull, Sauber and Williams have entered every race since the 2005 French Grand Prix. That’s 241 consecutive starts, tied for 9th in F1 history. Continuing the streak, they can tie Jordan Grand Prix’s 251 at the Singapore Grand Prix, for the 8th best F1 starting streak. The overall record is held by Ferrari, who have not missed a single race since the 1982 Italian Grand Prix.
  • Mercedes F1 have 78 wins in F1. With a 79th victory, they’d tie Lotus for the 4th most wins by a constructor and their 80th would let them sit clearly in 4th. With the car that they have, it will be sooner rather than later.
F1 2018
Mercedes’s dominance over the last few years can propel it up the team and engine records.
  • Ferrari hold quite a few ‘most wins at one grand prix event’ records. If they can win at the following races, they’d extend the records they have.
    • A victory at Germany (their first since 2012) will see them win it for the 22nd time (the most wins by any team at any grand prix).
    • A win at Monza, (first since 2010), will see Ferrari win the Italian Grand Prix for the 19th
    • A win at France (they won the last event in 2008), would see Ferrari win the French Grand Prix for a 18th time
    • A win at Spa (first since 2009) would see Ferrari win the Belgian Grand Prix for the 17th time
    • A win at Silverstone, (first since 2011) would see Ferrari win the British Grand Prix for the 16th time
Ferrari can extend their records at a few venues and streaks.
  • Mercedes have won the British Grand Prix since 2013-17. If they win it in 2018, they would win the British Grand Prix for the 6th consecutive time. That is the most consecutive wins at one venue by a team. McLaren hold the record for 6 wins at Monaco.
  • Mercedes have won 4 consecutive races at Russia, Austria, Italy, Japan, USA and Abu Dhabi. Victories this season can see them extend that streak to 5.
  • Mercedes have 41 ‘1-2s’ in F1. If they can get 7 such results, they would pass McLaren’s 47 and be 2nd in ‘1-2’ race results.
  • 9 podium finishes between Lewis and Bottas can see Mercedes tie Lotus for 172 podium finishes in F1, and a 10th podium would see them sit 4th in podiums.
  • Dating back to the 2017 Canadian Grand Prix, Mercedes have 19 consecutive podium finishes, the 5th best streak. They have the chance of surpassing their total of 28 consecutive podium finishes for the 2nd best streak in F1.
  • Mercedes if they outscore Red Bull by 98.5 points this F1 2018 season, they would surpass the Austrian team for the 3rd most points in F1.
  • Force India’s 1015 points without a win a F1 record, and they will be extending that. They also have the most points in F1 without a constructor’s title.

  • If Mercedes or Red Bull racing win the F1 2018 constructors title, they would move to a clear 5th in the number of constructors title won (both are joint 5th with 4 titles a piece). If Mercedes win the title for a 5th time, they would hold the 2nd best streak in F1 for consecutive constructors titles won with 5. Ferrari hold the record with 6
  • 5 wins this season for Mercedes will see a Mercedes powered car win a race for the 169th time, putting them 3rd on wins by an engine manufacturer, behind Ford and Ferrari.
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