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BREAKING: Sony Announces Release Date for the Next-Gen PS5

BREAKING: Sony Announces Release Date for the Next-Gen PS5

The moment the world was waiting for is here. Sony has finally announced the launch date for their next-gen PlayStation 5 console. The PS5 will hit the shelves on November 12th in US, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, and South Korea. Additionally, it will be available globally on November 19th. The console will launch not too long after the Xbox Series X and S, which will launch on November 10.

The announcement comes at a good time seeing as the pre-orders for Xbox Series X and S are set to go live next week, on September 22. PlayStation is not that far behind, as usual, and is definitely going to give its arch-rival a hard time.

Sony had previously predicted that the demand for PS5 would go up. However, Bloomberg recently suggested that Sony had cut its production by 4 million units. Thankfully, it turned out to be a false alarm. Sony responded to the report by announcing that no such thing had happened. It seems they are keen on meeting their demand for the consoles worldwide and have reportedly increased their production.

Sony’s PS5 distribution plans for the US

Additionally, an industry insider also revealed Sony’s distribution plans for the US. Apparently, the company has booked 60 flights with Delta to transport the consoles, only to the United States. The US has always been the most profitable market for PlayStation and it could mean that they would get the console before anyone else. Details regarding the same can be found here.

The PlayStation 5 Showcase also made some other interesting announcements regarding the games coming to the PS5. The biggest of them all was the God of War Ragnarok announcement. A lot of other announcements were also made which definitely made a fans extremely happy.

This announcement possibly shifts the tide of the ‘console war’ in Sony’s favor. History will likely repeat itself and Sony will most probably be the winner this generation as well. Not only do they have great exclusives, as usual, but their pricing is also absolutely on point. This will make a lot of folks over at Microsoft rethink their strategy and will possibly force them to change their approach.

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