“Bro Walks Away Like Nothing Happened”: Boxing World Erupts as Locker Room Fight Ends in Devastating Knockout

Published 03/12/2023, 4:45 PM EDT

Boxing is a sport that is not for the faint of heart given the dangers that come with participating in it. However, even though it has inherent violence, the rules of the sport were made keeping in mind the safety and well-being of fighters. This luxury cannot be confirmed in street fights that have become synonymous with the sport of fighting itself.

Moreover, the rise of fights on school campuses has also become a huge problem that authorities have failed to deal with. There are many reasons why this happens including a lack of staff and security in many public schools. This often leads to teenagers getting into altercations with their fellow peers. Despite this, with the rise of the internet, these fights can now be recorded and put out on the internet for the world to see.


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A locker room fight between two students has now become the latest viral video on the internet. One person had red colored hair while the other was wearing a beanie cap. However, the fight would quickly escalate with punches now being thrown with serious intentions.

Moreover, this led to the red-haired fighter being brutally knocked out as blood started coming out of his nose. The man in the beanie would then walk away and proceed with his day. This video also garnered some wild reactions from fans who witnessed this brutal fight.

The boxing world reacts to a locker room fight ending in a brutal KO

A user named ‘They hate._.Emily’ stated that the guy wearing the beanie walked away ‘like nothing happened’.

A user named Daniel Valencia poked fun at the hair of the fighter who had blood coming out of his nose.

Another user named ‘FlyingPetals’ wondered if the guy in the beanie had brass knuckles.

Moreover, a user named ‘BDon’ urged the knocked-out student to transfer from his school.

Another user named ‘Aliah Acevedo’ felt bad for the guy who was knocked out.

Lastly, a user named ‘Mister. Dae’ stated that the guy in the beanie gave the red-haired guy a thorough beating.


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The fans certainly were entertained by this viral video of two teenagers fighting it out in the locker room. However, this begs the question of why this fight was even happening in the first place.

Combat sports do have an element of danger as we have seen fighters get knocked out cold even in sparring sessions. Moreover, without the proper equipment and safety measures these kinds of fights can end up putting someone in life-threatening situations which should be avoided.


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