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Brooklyn Nets: Season Preview

Brooklyn Nets: Season Preview

Brooklyn Nets: Season Preview

The Brooklyn Nets will be coming into the 2017-18 NBA season as one of the more revamped teams in the NBA. Finishing with a 20-62 record last year, they will certainly look to up their win counter. All this is not entirely theory. The Nets front office has worked towards something this off-season.

Brooklyn Nets: Season Preview
Brooklyn Nets acquired D’Angelo Russell and Timofey Mozgov in the off-season. (Photo: hoopsrumors.com)

The Nets back-court will surely be more productive on the offensive end this season with the additions of D’Angelo Russell and sharpshooter Allen Crabbe. Russell will finally get to be the alpha-dog and Crabbe will provide some bench strength. Add Jeremy Lin to the mix and you have a pretty decent back-court.

The Nets front-court however is as good as the toss-of-a-coin. Barring Timofey Mozgov, Trevor Booker and DeMarre Carroll in the front-court, there is nothing much to it. This void will need to be addressed sometime before the All-Star break.

Realistically, their record and standing in the eastern conference might not improve much owing to the dearth of talent and inexperience. But it sure will be fun to watch Russell butterfly-out in Brooklyn.

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