Budget Cap, Bigger Tires, New Engines, New Look: Everything There is to Know About F1’s 2021 Regulation Changes

October 31, 2019 10:09 pm

The FIA have just announced the revamped 2021 regulation changes for Formula One. These rules will define the future of Formula One and have been adopted unanimously. For 2021, the cars will race more closely.

Meanwhile, the sporting regulations will make the sport easier to follow and the financial rules have also been defined. According to Auto Motor und Sport, the 2021 regulation changes were approved by the FIA World Council and everyone voted in favour of it. This makes it clear that Ferrari has also agreed, since they are the only team that has a vote in the World Council.

Budget Cap

A cost cap of $175 million has been confirmed, which the teams have to adhere to. In addition to that, the sport is trying to help lessen its impact on the environment. Another objective is to bring the competition closer together in the near future and keep it that way

Aspects like Marketing, driver costs, heritage, year-end bonuses, non-F1 activities, three-highest paid persons, FIA entry fee and Super Licence costs will not be included in the $175m/year cap

The new car will be much more ‘robust’ according to Ross Brawn, and it will prevent bits and pieces of the car from falling off.

Engine regulations

Reduction of the wake, simplify the car, particularly the front wing, no barge boards. There will be a long diffuser, thus promoting ground effect, also, with the greater weight, it is believed that the cars may be 3-4 seconds slower.

The aerodynamic regulations will also involve a lot more computer work from the Formula One teams. General objectives are to improve and promote competitiveness on the track. F1 also aims to reduce differences between cars, reduce costs and improve financial sustainability teams.


There will also be a ban on hydraulic suspension as it has no relevance to road technology. Tyre blankets are there, but reduced temperatures in order to reduce costs for the teams.

Formula 1’s 2021 cars’ weight will also be up from 743kg to 768kg, which does not include race fuel.

Weekend format

On the sporting side of things, the maximum races will increased to 25 and the race weekend format will change. The race weekend will be condensed to a three-day weekend (track action, basically trying to remove Thursday) and limit on team working hours to address workload. Meanwhile, on the financial front, if there is a breach of financial regulations, it will impact the championship”

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