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Bug Infestation in Valorant Ruining Experience

Bug Infestation in Valorant Ruining Experience

Over the time that it has been around, Valorant has had its fair share of bugs and, shall we say, idiosyncrasies in the game. Starting from extreme matchmaking times to agent-specific glitches, the game has seen some peculiar moments. The game is well on its way to establish itself as an eSport, but the current issues will affect the game’s potential.

According to some reliable leaks, the 5v5 tactical shooter is all set to welcome a new mode and much more. Undoubtedly, it will help increase the player base. But if these bugs persist, the game might end up estranging its community.

Is Valorant slowly getting bug-infested?

First, there is the matter of the insane matchmaking time. Hazed, a member of the team TSM, faced this issue. Usually, matchmaking in public matches takes around a couple of minutes, sometimes not even that long. But Hazed and his teammates had to wait a ridiculous 4 hours for matchmaking.

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Riot should look into it before this becomes a regular instance (we hope it will not).

Here is another bug. You know how Phoenix’s Ult ability works, right? You teleport/respawn back to the point where you activated the ability. Well, a Reddit user, u/rendium, pointed out that you can use that ability while planting the spike and do it outside the designated sites.

Phoenix ultimate plants spike outside of site from VALORANT

Yet another bug that has surfaced recently is players receiving an hour-long penalty for failing to select an agent in their previous match. Many of whom have denied any wrongdoing. Now, this bug can really put players off.

Hour penalty after playing an unrated game bug? from VALORANT

There is yet another glitch posted by Reddit user u/adude_, where the player seems to have become immune to Phoenix’s curveball flashbang. Unfortunately, the post has been deleted. It also showed that the HUD on the player’s screen had disappeared, and this is a bug many have faced.

Riot should make it their priority to fix these glitches, as the displeasure is on the up already, among the player base. Valorant is a really unique and enjoyable multiplayer experience with a ton of potential. To see this game lose its community because of unfixed bugs would be a real shame.

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