Bugha Explains Why Controllers Have It Easy In Fortnite

June 8, 2020 2:59 pm

Fortnite battle royale’s popularity is resonated by the debates within the community. One of the most prevalent and ongoing ones seems to have no end to it. Controller vs. keyboard and mouse, which one is better? Instead, the more pertinent question is, which one is more popular and easier to play with.

Recently, world champion Bugha had few things to say about how easy life is with controllers. This has been the reaction from a lot of other keyboard and mouse players. For instance, Tfue kept saying, on multiple occasions, that Fortnite will be a controller player’s game in the future. 

The fact remains that Epic Games have done whatever they could. In comparison to other games, the aim-assist in Fortnite is marginally limited. However, that does not make it fair whatsoever. This is an issue, especially in cash cups or tournaments, where fair play is key. 

Fortnite controller vs. KBM debate rages on

Controller is so easy, man,” Bugha exclaimed with relative despondence. He also had some motivational truth to offer to his younger fans. “Guys, if you are 15 or 16 right now, you need to grind.

Indeed, practice makes a man perfect. 

The discussion quickly returned to the most raging agenda in Fortnite right now. Controllers do have the edge over the keyboard and mouse.

“You don’t have to worry about your aim that much. You don’t have to worry about a mouse or having a mouse pad…also, you can have perfect movement.”

That does make enough sense to show us why so many players are angry about it. 

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Should there be segregation competitively?

When it comes to competitive Fortnite, statistics have shown that controller users are on the rise. More importantly, the curve indicates that the majority of winning percentages are controller users. That does seem unfair and quite polarizing for a competitive game. 

However, we have seen that Epic Games did excellent work on the frame rate. Regardless, that has not affected this debate, neither has it been a permanent solution. For now, the best we can do is hope there will be one. Otherwise, the controller vs. KBM debate will keep dividing the Fortnite community.

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