Bugha Hints at Switching to Valorant- Bad News for Fortnite?

May 27, 2020 10:36 am

Fortnite is a game that has had many of us hooked on it since it released back in 2017. It grew so big and its impact was so forceful that it became something of a pop icon rather than just a game. Competitive Fortnite followed soon after, giving us even more entertainment. All in all, the game enabled countless players to make a career out fo it, either as a pro or a content creator. And now, another game has come along, attracting a ton of players t it in a competitive capacity. We are talking about Valorant, of course. While it is folly to compare it to Fortnite at such a nascent stage, it sure has convinced pros from other games to shift over.

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Fortnite champion causes stir

Recently, Zander thwifo” Kim, a Fortnite pro made an announcement regarding his eSports future. While he was ever so grateful to Epic and their title, he decided it was time for a change. He revealed he was going to try his hand at Valorant, leaving his primary game behind, at least for now.

In his statement, thwifo spells out exactly why he made the decision.

“Valorant just flows more naturally to me and I enjoy it a lot more, I love this game with a burning passion right now. Fortnite just hasn’t been the same.”

Today, another Fortnite pro tweeted out saying thwifo made the right decision. And that tweet caused quite a stir in the Fortnite and Valorant community alike. It was none other than Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf, the Fortnite Solos World Cup 2019 champion.

Bugha is not just one of the most skilled players in the game but also one of the most popular ones. Naturally, his reaction, and the nature of it, has many wondering if he has had enough with the game too.

While that seems unlikely, Bugha has had his issues with the game recently. Prominent of all has been his agitation over the controller players in the game, who he believes get an unfair advantage over KBM users.

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