Bugha Might Shift Valorant Soon; Can He Recreate His Fortnite Success?

November 29, 2020 7:51 pm

Kyle Giersdorf popularly known as Bugha in the gaming community is a professional Fortnite player. He is also one of the richest Fortnite players with a net worth of around $3 Million. Bugha is known for his amazing records and gameplays in Fortnite; however, other than the battle royale, he also loves to play Valorant.

He is a professional eSports player, and it looks like his skills are not limited to a single game only. Bugha is streaming a lot of Valorant on his Twitch account, which could be a sign of him preparing to enter the competitive scenario of the game.

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Can Bugha Be The Next Fan Favorite Valorant Player:

It’s unfortunate to say that despite his amazing skills and capability to play at the competitive level, Bugha still doesn’t see himself competing with pros in near future. Despite what he says, there is no denying that he has the skills to make himself one of the best players in Valorant.

He is widely famous in the gaming community, and if he shifts to Valorant, his popularity might step up a level too. The skills he displays on stream prove his capability; however, according to some players, he is still a platinum player, and it’s too soon to jump to conclusions. On the other hand, some say that his aim is top-notch, and with a little game sense, he would be ready to go.

Why Is Bugha So Popular In The Gaming Community?

Bugha has about 3.5 million followers and subscribers on Twitch and YouTube. He has a history of winning tournaments in Fortnite. Bugha claimed Victory Royale in the Solo World Cup tournament hosted by Fortnite with a cash prize of $3 Million. He is signed to the competitive gaming team, SEN and placed third in recent FNCS tournament while playing under SEN team logo.

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To watch how amazing Bugha is in Valorant, watch the video down below:

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