Bugha never gave me an opportunity – Stretched Before Fortnite FNCS

May 7, 2020 5:33 pm

Top Fortnite streamers beef amongst each other all the time. It’s quite common. These influencers have over millions of young followers listening to them. However, their power over the audience puts them in a position of responsibility. Sometimes being mature is the only real way. What started on May 3 as a minor spat might have blown a bit out of proportion. 

Clix (MSF) and Stretched (Liquid) recently took to Twitter with their grievances. The spat included another prominent streamer, Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf. Clix was challenged by Stretched for a solo box fight. Their entire match reflected that something was not right with these two.


Stretched and Bugha go way back when they used to team up together in duos. Recently on 5th, Stretched tweeted that he will not be teaming up with Bugha anymore. “You can’t be the best if you stream and Bugha has to stream so decided its best we play with other people.”

Fortnite Pros are at each other’s throats before FNCS

The FNCS Solo Invitational is coming up as well. While players are gearing up for that, these pros are going at each other. With several deleted tweets from both Clix and Stretched, it is difficult to judge the matter. However, Clix called out Stretched for being in Bugha’s shadow for too long. 

However, Stretch retaliated by saying that Bugha ‘never gave him an opportunity’. They were quite open with their beef and had a lot to post. Stretch, in fact, responded to Clix’s question about the 5K deal. It is true that Bugha is his friend, but that certainly doesn’t take the credit away from Stretch. Team Liquid signed him due to his abilities. 

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FNCS is the main target

Although these beefs sort themselves out, players should focus more on what is real. Their ability to mesmerize us with their skills is their strong point. All the talk disappears if one does well there. 

Bugha remained tight-lipped about the matter. Stretch showed a lot of maturity by deleting his tweets. Clix did the same. However, the matter will carry over to FNCS. These players are known for their competitive nature. So we can expect to see a nail and tooth tussle when they meet on the map.  

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