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Jenson Button Wants Fernando Alonso to Move Out of F1

Jenson Button Wants Fernando Alonso to Move Out of F1

Fernando Alonso

Former teammates Fernando Alonso and Jenson Button enjoy a good chemistry. The two were together for two years at McLaren before Button retired in 2016. He also took the liberty to step into Alonso’s car at the 2017 Monaco Grand Prix when the Spaniard had to leave for Indy 500.

Both world champions and having had a good record, were put in a frustrating situation because of McLaren Honda. While Button was smart enough to pull the plug to his F1 career, Alonso continues to carry on, at least for now. He doesn’t seem highly motivated himself but refuses to let go of his McLaren dream.

Speaking on the same, Jenson Button said that he fails to understand why Fernando is still doing what he’s doing.

“He’s clearly still enjoying it, but as a double world champion, finishing ninth and being happy is not really something you want to get used to, Button told Sky Sports

“I don’t know what he’s going to do next year, but I think they need a big turnaround and he has to have great belief in them to succeed next year, or he’s going to go.”

“I know how frustrated he is, I can hear it on the radio,” Button added.

“He’s got ambitions to win the Indy 500 and do the ‘Triple Crown’ and for me, I feel that’s a good option for him next year.

“From a drivers’ point of view who’s got experience for this, he’s got to do something else.”

Things will get really interesting if Fernando Alonso leaves McLaren in the driver’s market. Kimi Raikkonen is rumored to replace him, but both parties have denied the possibility. It’ll be incredibly difficult for the team to fill in the shoes of someone like him if Raikkonen also says no.

Meanwhile things won’t be easy for Fernando himself to move to IndyCar after McLaren confirmed its lack of interest in the same.

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