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Buying and Selling of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S/X Has Turned Into Real-Life GTA

Buying and Selling of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S/X Has Turned Into Real-Life GTA

PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S/X may have launched, but fans are finding it difficult to get hold of them. Users from all over the world have reported issues of stock shortages.

While Sony and Microsoft are doing their best to meet the expected demands, reports suggest that users might have to wait until next year to grab one.

Retailers like Walmart and Best Buy paint a completely unique picture. They have suggested that bots are purchasing consoles in huge numbers that are ending up with scalpers. Listings on eBay corroborate this theory as the consoles are being sold at ridiculously inflated prices online.

Yet another disturbing piece of news has just surfaced. Console sellers in North America are going through a tumultuous time as they have reported being mugged by potential buyers.

PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S/X sellers facing a tough time

The demand for the new-gen consoles has outstripped their supply. However, this situation is even more alarming for potential PS5 buyers as they went through a chaotic phase of pre-orders.

The release of the consoles generated a lot of anticipation. The consoles are in news again, but for a completely different reason.

Sellers have reported being mugged by buyers. In several cases, they also involved violence and weapons, which shows how the entire situation has deteriorated.

The number of such instances has skyrocketed in the last 72 hours, prompting the Toronto Police Department to issue a notice on Twitter asking the sellers to be wary of fake buyers.

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The department has also issued a set of guidelines that should be followed by the sellers. The sellers are being advised to meet the buyers in public areas and to inform someone about the people they are meeting. This has caused a lot of havoc in the community. The excitement of the release of the new consoles has been hurt by instances of robbery and violence.

Those still searching for a console should be a little more patient, as the consoles will eventually come around. More importantly, a certified retailer is more credible than an unknown buyer or seller. It’s important to note that nothing is more important than being safe!

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