Call Of Duty 2020: Is the Reveal Getting a Little Tiring?

August 17, 2020 9:13 pm

Activision really outdid themselves with the Call Of Duty 2020 title reveal. Not only is the clue hunt fairly difficult but it is also one of the most elaborate game reveals ever. Subsequently, the community has come together to help the streamers out.

It all began when a few streamers received a mysterious box each from Activision. They were instructed to open their respective box on August 10. Noahj456 and his fellow streamers are at the forefront of this hunt and the fans are loving it.

When the day arrived, streamer Noahj456 and a few others spent 5 hours trying to decode the clues in the box. The clues were in the form of slides that needed deciphering. After spending some time in BO4 and Warzone, they eventually landed on a site called

Here, they discovered that the next reveal would be on August 14th. On that day, the website played a tape marked ‘1961-62’ and showed multiple, random numbers in between. An 8 digit code also showed up on the VCR, which led them to a location in Verdansk where they came across multiple ciphers.

A page on the website, however, indicated that this was just the first clue and that 5 new ones would follow.

On the 15th, the streamers found a code for the bunker. They also found bits and pieces of random cipher pages in the bunker. The bunker also had a non-functional elevator inside. But again, that was it.

The most recent code opened up a barn, near the prison in Warzone. Again, there were pages of different ciphers in it and nothing more. More will be unveiled in the coming days as there are 3 more doors left to be unlocked.

Is the Call Of Duty 2020 reveal interesting or too elaborate?

This has been the story so far. But the question is, is it all worth the effort? This is all probably because of the COVID-19 pandemic, which did not allow Activision to reveal the game at an event as it usually does. But even so, it seems too elaborate and tiring. At least that’s what a lot of fans think.

Popular YouTuber Glitching Queen started this debate on Twitter.

A lot of people commented on it and had divided opinions. Take a look at the different replies this tweet got.

Glitching Queen herself had something more to say.

There are votes both for and against the extensive reveal. So there’s no consensus here. Not surprisingly, some love the hunt while others are impatiently waiting for it to conclude.

However, if the reveal turns out to be mediocre after such an extensive process, people are going to be extremely disappointed. Treyarch and Raven Software better know what they’re in for. Stay tuned for further updates on the same.

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