Call Of Duty 2020: Streamer Gets Mysterious Black Box From Activision

August 7, 2020 11:20 pm

This is it guys, things are about to go down. The highly anticipated Call Of Duty 2020 title will finally be revealed and we have a possible date for it. Activision has reportedly started promoting its upcoming title and it looks like we’re in for a surprise. A streamer, who goes by the name Hayashii, tweeted a mysterious black box that he received from the studio.

The box comes with a message which says “Do not open this crate until august 10th, 2020 – 12PM EDT’

Possible Call Of Duty 2020 reveal on 10th August

Save the date. August 10 is the D-day and that’s when we’ll find out what’s next for COD. This will most probably be a trailer or gameplay reveal and will give us an idea for the price, pre-orders, and other things. This is all speculative but we sure hope that this does happen.

Popular CoD insider ‘Modern Warzone’ even asked Hayashii to open it prematurely, but he responded saying that it needs a code to open.  If you look closely, there is a combination lock on the crate. The code will most probably be provided to him on the 10th after the deadline and that’s when we’ll find out what’s about to happen. But the conversation between the two took a different turn.

Could it be possible that they actually figured out a way to open it without breaking it? Could this mean we’ll know more about it even before 10th August? We’ll have to wait to find out.

Rumors suggested that the game will be revealed in Call Of Duty Warzone. Hayashii also addressed this and tweeted:

Possible reveal in Warzone?

Roughly translated, he said that he isn’t sure if this has something to with The Season 5 or some Easter egg happening in the game. It could also have something to do with the bunkers and Stadium opening up. One notable point he mentioned is that it’s similar to the marketing campaigns Activision has previously run.

Another insider, Tom Henderson, accurately predicted that the game’s marketing will start on August 5. That is when Treyarch and Raven Software announced their collaboration.

Well, now we know exactly when more details will come out. The game is rumored to be ‘Call Of Duty Black Ops: Cold War’. A mysterious listing called ‘The Red Door’ also showed up, a little while ago, on the Xbox Live store and we could learn more about it soon.

Meanwhile, all the codenames for the multiplayer and single-player campaign were reportedly leaked. The Zombie mode is possibly making a comeback to this title. And a certain Doritos marketing campaign also gave away the new COD title. Come August 10th, all our questions will finally be answered. Keep watching this space for further updates.


Sources: Hayashii Twitter

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