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Call of Duty: Activision Rolling Back Bans

Call of Duty: Activision Rolling Back Bans

Issues about cheating remain to be on an alarming level in Call of Duty: Warzone and Modern Warfare alike. Warzone, especially, has been so terribly infected with cheaters that players have been calling it quite unplayable now. Almost 3 out of 4 squads in the game turn out to have at least one cheater. And these cheaters seem to have found a way around the report system of the game.

Recently Counter-Strike pro and streamer Timothy “Timthetatman” Betar encountered one such cheater on Warzone who revealed that he has been cheating for six months now. Of course, Timthetatman reported him, and surely so did many others but well, he is still here, isn’t he?

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Back in April, Infinity Ward had announced their steps to fight this problem on Twitter:

What happened after this is, their plan somewhat backfired and Infinity Ward ended up banning a lot of accounts of players who were not involved in any unfair methods in the game whatsoever.

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Activision is lifting the ban on many such Call of Duty accounts who were not involved in cheating

Due to an error, Activision ended up banning the accounts of a lot of players who were, in fact, innocent. A lot of players were surprised to find their accounts banned with no possible explanation at all. As evidence of their innocence, they showed their all-time stats in the game, which were nothing out of the ordinary as to suggest cheating involved.

Trying to figure out ban causes? from modernwarfare

One reason could be that maybe their Gamertags or conduct was racist or otherwise offensive according to the game’s community standards. Or maybe the anti-cheat system detected harmless third-party .dll files interacting with the game and banned the account.

Turns out, devs accidentally banned a lot of these accounts due to an error. But now it seems like Activision is lifting the ban on these accounts. Surely, it will be a long process and will take some time. Recently, a Youtuber named RDTechy posting a video on YT showing that the ban has been lifted from his CoD account. If your account is still banned without any valid reason, just wait up: Activision is cleaning its mess.

Although the measure backfired, Activision is still trying to strengthen its walls against this threat. But let us face it, “updated matchmaking to match suspected cheaters together“, might not be the answer. Let us hope that Activision and Infinity Ward succeed in restoring the competitive integrity of the game.

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