Call of Duty: All You Need to Know About Cold War Alpha Online Leaks

Published 06/10/2020, 10:02 AM EDT

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A lot of speculations and discussion threads about Black Ops Cold War, the 2020 installment of the Call of Duty franchise, has been floating online for quite some time now. There have been leaked videos of the gameplay as well, although Treyarch has taken them down. 

TheGamingRevolution recently posted a video, complete with links, about how and where one can download the Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Alpha. It also provided interesting information and speculation about this patch that is available on the PlayStation 4 server.


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A Black Ops Spin-off

The description available for this patch calls it a Black Ops spin-off. Set during the Cold War, the players have to play alongside Alex Mason and Sgt. Frank Woods. This title also promises a thrilling story, an intense multiplayer, and a Zombie mode, along with a Cold War-themed Warzone.

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Alpha version

TheGamingRevolution says that he came to know of this patch from an anonymous tip. It is available on the website (unless Treyarch takes this down). The website has a list of downloadable links for all the patches from various games compatible with PlayStation 4. 

This patch is named UP0002-CUSA20046_00-COD2020INTALPHA1. The name suggests it’s an internal Alpha, uploaded on the PlayStation 4 servers for the developers to test-run. The title, however, placed under this patch on the website is “The Red Door.” 

The devs used a similar method in the case of Black Ops 3. They used “Northwoods” as a placeholder for the Black Ops 3 alpha, meant for internal use by developers. 

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The reason for the Cold War Alpha patch being present on the PlayStation 4 server might be so that the developers can access this Alpha version of the game while at home. 

The PKG file is enormous in size (71.4 GB), and the listed game modes on this are WZZM (probably Warzone Zombie Mode), MP (multiplayer), ZM (zombie mode), WZ (Warzone) and CP (probably campaign/co-op). The description tells us that it is a multiplayer game with up to 8 players. 


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NOTE: Even if you manage to download the patch, you would need a modded or jailbroken PS4.

The Red Door

The icon for the decoy title “The Red Door” shows a keyhole, through which we can see what appears to be a red maze. This is a reference to the actual content of the Black Ops Cold War game since it’s a Black Ops spin-off. The first major step in Black Ops was “Secure the keys”, where the player had to obtain the keys from the guard.


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The video says that searching “Cold War The Red Door” on google returns a lot of results. The YouTuber says he even found a book titled “Opening The Red Door” by John A. Bernbaum and that it is evident that it has got something to with the Red Army and the USSR.

There are numerous speculations about this game and how far the success of Warzone will carry over to it. Although still in the developing stage, this leaked patch will provide fans an exclusive sneak peek and give them a general idea about what to expect from Black Ops Cold War.


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