Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Might Bring Back BO4 Blackout Map

November 28, 2020 8:19 pm

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War has a lot of things going on since it launched. Treyarch is launching the first multiplayer season in the game, and the roadmap is filled with content. Yet there is one thing that nobody knows much about and it’s Warzone.

Warzone is an immense part of the CoD experience currently. It became a rage as soon as Infinity Ward launched it back in 2020. It’s a free to play DLC for Modern Warfare and the Battle Royale everybody was waiting for. After the terrible Blackout experience in Black Ops 4, Warzone was a fresh start.

With the transition of Modern Warfare to Cold War, all the active residents of Verdansk had too many questions to ask. Nobody knew what was going to happen to Warzone. Honestly, we still have little information on the subject.

The last roadmap that Treyarch released only mentioned Warzone but said information was classified. At some point, you begin to think, what is taking them so long?

What we know about the new age Warzone are all rumors. For example, the nuke event in Bunker 10 is where some think the new Verdansk story will begin. There is nothing concrete to suggest this, except the fact that a nuke has been inside Bunker 10 for ages and at some point, it is bound to go off.

Nonetheless, the timelines of course do not match with Verdansk being in the present timeline, and Treyarch set Cold War in between 1981 and 1984.

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‘Rebirth’ of Alcatraz in Call of Duty Warzone?

These are again rumors with no confirmation, but this does have more substance to it. Alcatraz was a prison map based on the real prison with the same name in BO4. This Battle Royale map is supposedly getting a Russian makeover and will be launched inside of Warzone.

This rumor surfaced after players noticed a ‘Rebirth’ tab on the Leaderboards menu. If a non-existent map has a leaderboard for kills, it suggests that sooner or later it is coming to the game.

This is all the Warzone speculation we have, and while it does not seem like much, it is a lot more than what Activision is telling us. Watch this video below for more speculations on what is coming inside Warzone.

Watch this space for more news on Call of Duty.

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