Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War- New Map, DLC Changes and More

Published 03/23/2021, 7:33 AM EDT

It is an exciting time to be a part of the Call of Duty community with exciting updates dropping in randomly. There are some major changes coming to Black Ops Cold War and it is time we looked into it.


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Sanatorium comes to Black Ops Cold War

The mid-season update is slated for release anytime now. Treyarch recently teased that Outbreak is getting bigger with the addition of a new map, Sanatorium.


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Sanatorium is a huge map that will bring in some fresh changes to the game. It will be exciting to play in and given the fact that the map has a huge lake, players may be treated with additional side quests as well.

Originally, Sanatorium was to launch earlier in the game. Many speculated that figuring out the swimming mechanism with the addition of the game is what kept the map in the works for longer than expected.

Outbreak has already turned out to be a fan favorite zombie mode. For those unaware, Cold War Outbreak is a squad-based experience that lets players wreak havoc on zombies.

Even better news for the community came from Treyarch recently. It announced a new Easter egg quest for Outbreak that will premiere when Season 3 drops. This would be a good way to keep the players engaged.

Outbreak has been massively fun, but newer content always wins over the fans.

What is up with Call of Duty: Warzone?

Meanwhile, Zombies are taking over Verdansk in Warzone. The finale everyone expects is the whole of Verdansk being destroyed by Zombies. As of now, it is a slow progression. The community does want Treyarch to speed things up, and Season 2 reloaded might just bring the pace.

That, however, isn’t the major point. We haven’t seen a variety of zombies yet in the BR game mode. Further down the lane, we may say EMP zombies, Nova Gas, and explosive zombies that are sure to spice things up.

The Season 3 DLC

The new DLC is also being heavily anticipated. By now, it is all but confirmed that the game will be set in Berlin, Germany. Dr. Valentina will be traveling to East Berlin to meet a secret contact and thus begins the plot.

This may be the introduction of a major plot twist. Theories on the internet point towards one thing; Dr. Valentina betraying the Omega group. And YouTuber MrDalekJD has coined all theories to speculate the perfect conclusion.

If one pays attention, it becomes evident that Valentina’s plan all along was to resurrect the German army that fell during the Second World War.


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The DLC may launch mid of Season 3. Now, Outbreak may be the interlinking element between both stories. Treyarch is also adding newer maps to Outbreak that would be exclusive to the mode.

If the makers hold any plan of bringing back some of the old maps, this would be the perfect opportunity to do so. The iconic locations infested with zombies would be a great angle for players to mark their territory.


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The DLC may also feature some more perks for the zombies, which makes sense given there are 3 slots left at the moment. But knowing Treyarch, it is going to tease the community around for a bit before making some official announcements.

What are your thoughts on the upcoming DLC and changes? Let us know down in the comments section.

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