Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War to Nerf Snipers Soon

September 19, 2020 11:41 pm

Anybody who has played the alpha build for Cold War will agree that snipers are very handy in the game. Call of Duty: Cold War alpha gameplay has impressed players who are partial to sniper rifles with how good the sniping mechanics are. 

It has now come to light that Treyarch deliberately buffed the sniper rifles in the alpha build. The ADS speed on the snipers is super low, allowing instant quick scopes. Snipers are dominating at ranges where SMGs and ARs usually rule the roost.

For the most part, the community is happy with the buff, seeing as the Modern Warfare era was not easy for snipers. With this buff, sniping has been quite refreshing in the Cold War alpha build, especially when one clubs the freedom of movement with the high ADS speeds that it provides.

Unfortunately, Tony Flame announced on Twitter that things will change soon for snipers. Treyarch will not launch the game with overpowered snipers. In fact, players may see a change in the beta version itself.

We buffed snipers to evaluate their performance in this alpha specifically.

“Sniper rifles will have balance changes for the upcoming beta based on our analytics data this weekend.”

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However, it seems many were expecting something of this nature to happen. Reddit user u/JuggerClutch had addressed his concerns last week.

We snipers have waited so long for snipers to be truly usable again. The sniping in Cold War looks REALLY good and most importantly: satisfying.

Please Treyarch, I beg you. Don’t change it. If there has to be SBMM at least let us snipers have the sniping. Horrible sniping + SBMM is a nightmare.

Yours truly,

An excited sniper

Popular streamer FaZe Pamaj too posted his two cents on the issue.

All in all, the devs will definitely nerf sniping in Cold War very soon. So all the snipers who are having the time of their life in the alpha build, here’s hoping you survive the launch this November.

Watch this space for more Call of Duty news.

Avhinandan Chakraborty

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