Call of Duty Charity Tournament Winners Accused of Cheating

Published 06/14/2020, 9:00 AM EDT

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Call of Duty: Warzone has already become a popular addition to the roster of Battle Royale games after its release in March. The current Warzone Royal Ruckus Tournament has a prize pool of $150K, out of which, $100K goes out for charity and the remaining $50K is divided among the top 4 teams.

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Team Skrapz, comprising of Royal Ravens star player Skrapz, along with Jukeyzz and Deleo, won the tournament after defeating Huskerrs. It was after this that Doug “Censor” Martin lashed out at Skrapz, accusing him of cheating in order to gain this win.

There are, of course, many who are taking sides for and against Censor’s comment. Let us take a look at what really went down.

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Call of Duty drama is on again

Now, what happened was, Skrapz had disabled cross-play during the match. It is a given fact that cross-play stays enabled at any tournament that can have cross-play. Although, there are no specific rules mentioning so. Huskerrs, the first runners up, had their cross-play enabled throughout the tournament. 

After Skrapz’s win, Censor made a public statement on Twitter calling him out as a cheater. Censor and his team had been defeated earlier by Skrapz in this event, making them the second runners up. Here’s what Huskerrs tweeted following their defeat.

The accusations brought upon Skrapz has once again sparked the Controller vs. Keyboard & Mouse debate. Many fans have tweeted how Huskerrs were supposed to be at an advantage playing on their PC. On the other hand, many fans have supported Censor’s claims and gave Team Sparkz hell. Some even went as far as saying US teams tend to accuse the winners of cheating when they lose.

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Not to be biased, but you have got to give it to Aydan for a good heart. This Huskerrs player supported Skrapz and said that Team Sparkz should be cut some slack already.

Among those supporting Skrapz was also Tom Syndicate.

“I would’ve done the same”

Later, Censor posted a video on Twitter apologizing to team Skrapz. Censor has said that he was angry and frustrated after the defeat and hence did what he did. He also says in the video that disabling cross-play is not cheating but exploiting a loophole. Censor says that although cross-play is usually enabled in tournaments, there is no actual rule barring players from disabling it.

He even goes on to say that he would’ve probably done the same in Skrapz’s place.

While it looks like the heat between the two parties is over now, the incident has once again sparked the controller vs. MKB debate and the advantages on either side in tournament settings.

Which one do you prefer?



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