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Call of Duty: Cold War Brings Back Scorestreaks with a Tweak

Call of Duty: Cold War Brings Back Scorestreaks with a Tweak

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is the ultimate talking point in the COD universe at the moment. Cold War by Treyarch is set to change a lot in the Call of Duty franchise. One such big change is the addition of scorestreaks in the game. Since Call of Duty 2, killstreaks and scorestreaks have been a regular sight.

In Modern Warfare, scorestreaks were done away with and killstreaks made a comeback. Both of these are an integral part of the Call Of Duty experience. Killstreaks are special abilities given to a player if they stack up a number of kills in one life. Therefore, if a player goes heavy on his opponents with all guns blazing, they earn certain killstreaks that will further aid in decimating the enemy.

Killstreaks also reset if the player dies before attaining them. The problem with killstreaks was that all players tend to fight only to horde kills rather than playing the objectives which ended up destroying the purpose of the game. Call of Duty sought to change this with Scorestreaks. Scorestreaks provided teams with points even when they play objectives. Objectives include capturing flags, taking control of hills, and defusing and planting bombs, and other such tasks.

Scorestreaks were added to motivate players to play more objectives and encourage further team game spirit.

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What has changed with Call of Duty Cold War

Scorestreaks have returned to Black Ops Cold War but there is a significant tweak. Previously, scorestreaks would cancel if a player died before reaching the number of points required. In Cold War, scorestreak points will be retained even if they die. So for players who die a lot in matches, they can still contribute to the team by using smaller scorestreaks.

To attain a bigger scorestreak, players still have to stack up on kills and go on a ruthless killstreak. Scorestreaks like Chopper Gunner and Stealth Helicopters will only arrive after players go on ruthless killstreaks along with objective play. This change will provide a positive balance during each match allowing aggressive gameplay to survive side by side with passive players.

The beta release will let players experience more in terms of scorestreaks and how they actively affect gameplay. The beta release will take place on October 8 for PS4.

Watch the multiplayer reveal trailer below.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rXRQyd6_5j4]
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