Call Of Duty Cold War: Faze Pro Discusses How It Can Be Better Than MW

September 5, 2020 7:13 pm

Call Of Duty Black Ops Cold War by Treyarch is set to release later this year. The Modern Warfare journey for the majority has been mostly mixed. Apart from ‘The King’ Scump who believes Modern Warfare was the worst Call Of Duty title in history.

Regardless of that, MW did give us Warzone. Warzone is a rage at the moment, and controversially the most popular Battle Royale. Tons of players have left Fortnite to go play in the realistic environment of Verdansk. Somehow yet Infinity War flooded the game with glitches and exploits. So, in the end, Modern Warfare will remain a mix of good and bad for most Call Of Duty fans.

Right now we are heading straight to Black Ops: Cold War. This game is a direct sequel to Black Ops 1. The Multiplayer reveal is going to happen on September 9. Meanwhile, pros and streamers are busy discussing what to expect from the newest Call Of Duty title.

In the most recent, The Courage and Nadeshot Show, guest FaZe Swagg discussed the expectations hovering around Black Ops: Cold War.

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Streamers and Pros on the newest Call Of Duty

FaZe Swagg is a content creator for the FaZe clan on YouTube. He has one million-plus subscribers and is a big face on the Warzone scene. Further to that, he also plays pro tournaments, representing FaZe. His most recent win was in the Toronto Ultra tournament a couple of weeks back. Swagg shared a lot of opinions on Call Of Duty and its future with Courage and Nadeshot in the 100 Thieves show.

When questioned by Nadeshot on what he expects out of the new COD, FaZe replied “custom lobbies.”

The point where I will stop is if they would do like custom lobbies. Where it would be like 100 people, (same) like Fortnite but in Warzone. I personally would enjoy it. (….) They are literally so much more entertaining.

Warzone currently does not have custom lobbies and that is definitely is a big downside. Custom lobbies help content creators to create extremely entertaining content and therefore is it is justified why Swagg is so hellbent about it. Apart from that casual players have always loved the ability to play private matches.

Next, they discuss about the weapons in the game. According to Nadeshot, the game has an LMG meta at the moment which is not very attractive to most players. Also, the SMG in Call Of Duty has been ignored for a long time now. Therefore a change of guns and meta is expected in the new COD to make it better. Nadeshot even suggests that if ‘the PDW’ made a comeback, people would lose their minds.

Swagg supports these sentiments as well. He gets vocal about the dysfunctional AN-94. The recently released AR is not what the pros wanted in the game.

The AN-94, for example, came into Warzone, and its not even that good. I am like how are you gonna do disservice to a gun like AN-94 that has been crazy good in BO2 and BO3? And you make it horrible in Warzone? Make that OP. I wanna use the AN-94.

If the devs are Treyarch are listening, they know that these advices will only make them more money. Further to that, Call Of Duty is one of the oldest gaming franchises to ever exist and they have a butt load of weapons in their armory. They simply have to bring back the old favorites and watch players spend money on them.

Also, that might change Scump’s mind.

Call Of Duty Black Ops: Cold War releases on November 13, 2020.


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