Call of Duty Developers Remove Popular Mode With Playlist Update

October 28, 2020 7:00 pm

It is that time of the month when Infinity Ward releases playlist updates for its two Call of Duty Games. Both Modern Warfare and Warzone have received minor and major updates through the latest patch. These include some quality of life changes as well as changes in the game modes.

Infinity Ward mainly focused the playlist update to play around with the ‘Haunting of Verdansk’ event. The developers want to keep changing the Halloween themed LTMs so that players can have a ton of fun on different game modes.

Infinity Ward removes Juggernaut Royale from Call of Duty: Warzone

The playlist update had only two changes for Modern Warfare. Firstly, the developers have removed the button for Zombie Royale from the game. However, fans need not worry since it’s just the button that has been removed. The game mode is still accessible from Warzone.

It is probably going to be a while before Infinity Ward removes Zombie Royale since it has risen to become the most popular game mode currently in the game.

The second change in Modern Warfare is the addition of Snipers Only Team Death Match mode. The game mode is an evergreen favorite of fans in which they put their marksman skills to the test against similar foes.

Apart from these changes in Modern Warfare, there are also a few changes in Warzone. The biggest bummer is that Infinity Ward has removed the popular Juggernaut Mode from Warzone. Call of Duty fans loved the powerful and high adrenaline mode while facing off each other in Verdansk. However, the developers have replaced the mode with another fan-favorite.

The playlist update has added Plunder: Quads mode to Warzone. Players can team up with their friends and go looting around Verdansk to become millionaires. Finally, Halloween BR Solos mode is now BR Monster Quads. The spookiness can now be enjoyed with friends along the way.

Infinity Ward sure has taken every measure to ensure people can enjoy the Halloween spirit with their friends in the game.

Shwetang Parthsarthy

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