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Call of Duty: Intruders Break into Faze Agony’s House-Shots Fired

Call of Duty: Intruders Break into Faze Agony’s House-Shots Fired

Call of Duty content creators FaZe Agony

Two members of the Call of Duty FaZe Clan were in for a shock late last night. The FaZe Agony twins went through a traumatic experience as someone broke into their house. The assailants fired rounds of rubber buckshot bullets. Thankfully, Agony locked himself in his gaming room for protection, and no one was hurt. The cops came soon enough and did cleanout on the house thoroughly. 


There are two sides to any story, and twitter started asking pertinent questions. It would indeed be a traumatic experience to be trapped in your room while thugs with guns shoot their guns off on the other side of the door. However, your first instinct would be to raise the alarm. Agony received some backlash in the comments along with some much-needed advice to protect himself. 

What Went Down at the Call of Duty content creator’s House?

So let us take it from the beginning: multiple personnel broke into their home, tried to break down the locked doors. After failing at that, they fired shots. Rubber bullets or not, it could still be quite lethal. A gun shell of rubber buckshot was recovered as evidence by the detectives.

The internet came to support the young COD gamer, although some expressed their distrust too. One of the comments expressly questioned his primary impulse of posting it on twitter instead of calling the cops. Safe to say, he tweeted after calling for help. 

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The Veracity of The Claims? 

While most were acknowledging COD gamer FaZe Agony for being brave and protecting himself, we are left to wonder about the scenario. The bullet fired was a rubber one, which made people question the intentions of the robber. Nevertheless, rubber bullets can be fatal too, from close-range. The situation seems unclear for us to jump to any conclusions at the moment. 

It was quite supportive of the followers to ask him to keep a firearm handy, just in case this happens again. Although some conspiracy theorists are bullying the young gamer, and this might harm the gaming community. Gaming, already deemed as a propagator of violence, earned a negative reputation. Nonetheless, it is entirely subjective, and we hope no one would joke about something as serious as this. 

The tweet was a hopeful cry for help, and it does not seem like a stunt. However, we will get to know more about it soon enough. For now, all we can do is pray that the twins and their roommate are safe and sound.

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