Call of Duty League 2020 Champions Dallas Empire’s Coach Calls OpTic Gaming Out for ‘Disrespectful’ Content

January 12, 2021 10:59 pm

Friendly banter between Esports organizations is a common sight. Teams usually have a war of words on Twitter, YouTube, and other platforms, and it is all usually in good faith. However, there is a fine line between banter and blatant disrespect, even if it is done in good faith or just for content. Something similar happened when Call of Duty League’s OpTic Gaming trolled Dallas Empire’s Coach and GM, Raymond ‘Rambo’ Lussier.

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OpTic Chicago shared a video on its official Twitter channel. In the video, Hecz, along with Scump, FormaL, and others, appeared to be putting current and former CDL players into a tier list. However, when it was Rambo’s turn, OpTic members heavily trolled him for going 0-10 in one particular match and put him in the D tier.

OpTic FormaL appeared to be leading the charge in doing so, but it eventually became a little disrespectful. This prompted Rambo to voice his opinion about this type of ‘content’.

Call of Duty League Champions Dallas Empire Coach didn’t like Optic’s ‘disrespectful’ content

Raymond took to Twitter and wrote, “Yikes. I know it’s content and stuff but this is pretty disrespectful. Especially considering 2 guys laughing about that shit got sent to the curb by my squad in my last event.”

OpTic Gaming clearly had that one coming. Dallas Empire pulled off a stunning victory in the 2020 CDL where it dominated OpTic. Clearly, the go-to comeback for Ray and the OpTic gang deserved it.

However, it seems that there is no bad blood between the parties as the replies to Rambo’s tweet indicates that both parties have sorted it out. Pro CoD player Censor also supported Ray and called for some respect for him.

OpTic’s streamer and content creator Hitch replied to this where Rambo gave him a fitting reply.

Eventually, FormaL also jumped in to clarify that it was just banter and nothing more. Clearly, everyone in the CDL understands and respects Rambo’s position as a former pro and a champion coach. Everything was okay in the end as no one took this as blatantly offensive.

From Rambo’s initial tweet it looked like he was angry about it, but his replies suggested otherwise. However, this will be an example for others to be mindful of ‘content’ where they don’t cross a line to disrespect anyone.

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