Call Of Duty League: Benched Player For Rokkr Now Dropped

September 7, 2020 10:41 pm

Call Of Duty League format was changed from 5v5 to 4v4 after the 2020 Championship ended. Since then many teams have changed their roster by dropping active players. In a surprise move, Dallas Empire dropped Clayster from their team. From then on, more and more teams are removing players they consider unfit for the 4v4 format. Minnesota Rokkr was the latest team to announce a removal. Godrx has been officially released from the team, their Twitter handle reported.

Further to that, Minnesota released Ttinyy as well from their 2021 roster. Ttinyy played as a sub for the Rokkr’s this 2020 season.

Minnesota became the 4th team to make major roster changes. Seattle Surge and Toronto Ultra both released six players each from their rosters. Moreover, these teams are making the changes keeping in mind the online shift of the tournaments.

Call Of Duty League 2020 was shifted online because of the pandemic. The LAN players faced a hard time coping up with the new environment of online tournaments. This led to a few players underperforming than usual. GODRX was one of the accidental victims of this cause.

On the other hand, a big chunk of teams is yet to announce which players they are going to drop going into the 2021 event. Call Of Duty League has also changed the minimum roster size from seven to five. While this will save owners a lot of money, the future of many players lies uncertain nonetheless.

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Knowing Call Of Duty pro GODRX

Godrx joined the competitive Call Of Duty scene during Advanced Warfare. Prior to Minnesota, he has played for quite a few teams including Evil Geniuses, Enigma6, and Team Sinister. Godrx was benched by Rokkr’s back in July. Though he had a LAN K/D of 1.27 and an online K/D of 1.19, coaches found it appropriate to bench him ahead of the Playoffs. He was replaced by  Kaden ‘Exceed’ Stockdale. The coaches explained this move will increase the ‘pace’ of the team.

More and more surprise changes are expected out of the remaining teams in the League. It will also be interesting to learn where these released players will end up in the 2021 season with so much uncertainty around the League.

Watch this space for more Call Of duty League news.

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