Call of Duty League Caster Joins CDL Finalists in Warzone Game

August 28, 2020 10:09 pm

Clint ‘Maven’ Evans is a broadcaster for the Call of Duty League games. He is also the 2018 winner of the Esports Broadcaster of the Year award. The caster is a  favorite of the CDL audience for his hyped commentary.

Maven on a Roll During Round 11 Between Chicago and Optic in CDL Playoffs

In a recent video that Maven uploaded, he hosted three CDL finalists. All three were once teammates, along with Arcitys and aBeZy. In fact, they had played for team EUnited together and even won the CWL tournament about a year ago. Now, they will face each other in the Call of Duty League Championship Weekend.

Maven introduced them one by one, starting with Prestinni of the Chicago Huntsmen. Next up was SIMP from Atlanta FaZe, and last in line was the oldest player of the League, Clayster from Dallas Empire.

Though the team did not stick together, Maven got the three of them to join him in a Warzone match. To liven things up, Maven asked the three questions throughout the match. While the players had to focus on winning the match, they also had to answer Maven sincerely.

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Finalists on Call Of Duty League

First in line to face Maven’s questions was the oldest in the League. Maven asked Clayster if excuses were acceptable while coming into the finals. Clayster said that when a team was this close to the finals, they can only think of accomplishing more. “You need to have an end goal in mind. Like alright in three weeks it’s the big one, one you gotta put in the history books. So just focus up you know?” Clayster maintained.

The online format of the tournament has caused a lot of issues. However, Prestinni opined that with such an enormous amount of money on the line, there was no point in complaining.

Maven then discussed the growth of the COD community. Clayster has been around since 2007 and is one of the key figures who has helped the scene get to the level that it is at today. He said that the older generation wasn’t getting enough respect today and believes that people have forgotten the original playmakers since Advanced Warfare. He even cited the examples of TeePee and Jordan Kaplan.

To wrap things up, the gang discussed the significance of this Championship, which is seen to be one of the biggest ever. This has a lot to do with the prize money. Previously, the prize money ran into hundreds of thousands, but now, it is in the millions.

The COD scene will only get better from here on, and the competition tougher.

Gamers all around are still waiting for the multiplayer reveal for Black Ops Cold War which will lay down the next step for competitive Call of Duty. Until then, let’s enjoy the last few days of the CoD League with the Championship Weekend which starts tomorrow.

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