Call of Duty League: Challengers Might Need a Better Anti-Cheat System After New Regulations

September 15, 2020 7:32 pm

Call of Duty recently decided to make a transition from console to PC at the competitive level. While they made the use of PC mandatory in the Call of Duty League, the online Challenger Event has provisions for crossplay. Since the League is an official LAN event, organizers can keep in check any unfair means. However, the Challengers is an online event that makes keeping hacking and cheating under control a mammoth task.

While Activision has ensured that they won’t allow the increase in skill gap of PC and console players by keeping the tournaments to controller only, there are other problems with the transition. The problem with PC is that it becomes easier to use cheats. Many developers have refrained from expanding consoles games to PC due to the same reason.

Has the Call of Duty League taken enough precautions?

Since the announcement about the transition is still fresh, there aren’t my details available. However, Activision has said that they will be releasing more information about the transition soon.

There haven’t been any recent updates regarding an upgraded Anti-Cheat system for the game. Since the 2021 season has already started, the developers will have to be quick to introduce one.

Other games such as CS:GO, Fortnite, PUBG, and others have had a much longer experience of holding competitive events on PC. However, after years of fine-tuning, they still don’t have perfect anti-cheat systems and one often hears about instances of hacking in events.

Thus, Call of Duty has a new challenge ahead of them. They will have to deal with it in a very sensitive manner as the future of their Esport rides on it. The Challengers are an extremely crucial set of events that help seed players and teams. Top tier organizations keep an eye on the event to scout upcoming talent. Therefore, it serves as a ladder for new players to join competitive gameplay.

It would be music to the ears if Activision was to announce improvements to their anti-cheat system, keeping in mind the usage of PC in online competitive events. Since they have confirmed that there will be further updates, players can expect some news soon.

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