Call of Duty League: Championship Weekend Best Plays

September 3, 2020 11:26 pm

Call Of Duty League 2020 is over, but the hype is anywhere but gone. More news about the 2021 League is coming in at the moment. We can only imagine how much bigger the next edition is going to be. The inaugural season was filled with exciting moments. The Playoffs ended with four teams making it to the final event. Atlanta FaZe, Dallas Empire, Chicago Huntsmen, and London Royal Ravens made it to the finals. Further to that, Chicago was facing London in the elimination bracket. Their winning run was brought to an end by FaZe, who moved on to the finals.

Dallas Empire emerged victorious in the final event. They defeated Atlanta Faze by a huge margin of 5-1. Clayster and Crimsix earned their third individual championship rings. The final was a show of complete dominance over the season’s top seed.

The Championship Weekend was a show of extraordinary Call Of Duty gameplay. Listed below are our best moments.

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Top plays from Call Of Duty League Championship Weekend

Cellium proves to be a one-man army

The loser’s final matchup between Atlanta FaZe and Chicago Huntsmen did not look pretty. Both the teams were desperate to move on to the finals. In a Hardpoint match, Cellium did the unthinkable. Sometimes in a team game, it takes one man to change things up. Cellium held a hill for over 20 seconds alone, grabbing seven kills until he was put down. Nonetheless, it was too late for Chicago.

Illey snipes FaZe out of the finals

Dallas Empire’s Illey took it upon himself to guard the bomb alone. He kept his sniper crosshair positioned from such an angle that there was a direct line of sight on the bomb, yet he remained unseen.

Ninja defuses part-1

Shotzzy played his life to sneak between an ongoing gunfight to try to defuse the bomb. Simp killed Shotzzy, but nonetheless, the defuse had happened. The regular season MVP proved his worth once again.

Ninja defuses part-2

Dallas seemed to be crazy with their timings in the finals. In a 1v3, Majormaniak had already pulled down two when Clayster went for the defuse. In fact, Majormaniak pulled a three-kill combo but again falling short on the time. Clayster had pulled through the defuse. The crown was moments away for Dallas.

The winning moment– Clayster and Crimsix earned the 3rd ring with this massive round of S&D. They dominated FaZe until Simp was last alive and practically had nothing to do but wait to be slaughtered. The cam reactions say it all.


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