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Call of Duty League: Championship Weekend Finalists Predictions

Call of Duty League: Championship Weekend Finalists Predictions

The Playoffs for Call of Duty League’s inaugural season have kicked off. Day 1 saw Seattle crumble to Paris and Optic take the dub over LA Guerrillas. Day 2 of the Playoffs will take place today and it is the opportune moment to predict the teams who will qualify for the Championship Weekend.

But before we talk about our predictions, let us once understand the format. The tournament features a double-elimination bracket system. All the 12 teams participating received their seeds at the end of the last Home Series. These were based on the number of CDL points each team had collected throughout the season. These points come from wins, kills, and higher placements.

Four teams from the Playoffs will move on to the Championship Weekend to win the ultimate crown.

Here is how the bracket currently stands after Day 1 of the Playoffs.

Dallas Empire and Atlanta FaZe received 2 round byes because they were the top two seeds. Chicago and Florida both received one round bye since they were the 3rd and 4th seeds.

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Predictions for Call Of Duty League Playoffs

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We expect Toronto to continue their winning run on Day 2. In the other matchup, it really isn’t hard to predict that NYSL will score an easy win over Minnesota. Barring any unfortunate incidents, NYSL should come out as the big winners of Day 2. Also, Minnesota will be rocking a new lineup so things could get interesting.

Day 3 will be an interesting one. Chicago Huntsmen will face NYSL. Now, Chicago has a beast of a squad but they have faltered multiple times this season as a team. We might be going out on a limb here but we’ll go with the Chicago Huntsmen for this one. We expect Prestinni and Arcitys to pop off. The second match will be even closer than the first time they met, which NYSL had won.

Florida will play Toronto in this winner’s bracket. Toronto has been extremely good in S&D maps and we expect Florida to wrap things up before game 5. Therefore, we predict a Florida win here with a 3-1 scoreline.

On Day 4, Minnesota will face Optic in the loser’s bracket. We predict another Optic win here simply because Minnesota is not having a very good season. Optic won a close game 5 today so expect them to keep that momentum going.

The other matchup will be Paris versus London. This is a difficult one to call. London hasn’t played for a very long time and Paris 3-0 just today. We’ll go with Paris to win in game 5 on this one.

In the winner’s bracket, Atlanta FaZe will face Chicago and Dallas will face Florida. We’re talking about the top 4 seeds facing each other so this is a tough prediction right here. We will go with the first two seeds to advance. They’ll get the edge by watching their opponents play and sitting ahead by two rounds. So we expect them to have stronger strategies up their sleeves.

Day 5 will see 4 teams drop out. We expect the NewYork Subliners to take charge here and survive.

And with that, we predict the last 4 teams to enter the Championship Weekend will be Atlanta FaZe, Dallas Empire, Optic Gaming, and NYSL.

Later, when the Playoffs conclude and if our predictions match, we’ll try a Championship Weekend predictions as well.

The Call of Duty League Playoffs and Champions Weekend will continue until August 23.

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