Call Of Duty League Changes Its Format For The New Season

September 1, 2020 1:28 am

Call Of Duty League 2020 has concluded as Dallas Empire was crowned champions. The team went up against Atlanta Faze and absolutely dominated the game to ensure a stunning victory. Veteran players Clayster and C6 won their 3rd World Championship while Shotzzy, Huke, and iLLeY won their first. And while we wait for the new season to kick-off, it looks like the League is going back to the old ways.

Take a look at this official announcement by the COD League below:

Popular insider Rod Breslau commented “Activision changing the game and format every year for its multi million dollar esports league is pretty funny, but this is the right move.”

The decision to go back to the 4v4 mode seems abrupt considering they just changed to 5v5 for the 2020 season. And that wasn’t the only change they made. It was also the first time they introduced a city-based franchise format. The teams had reportedly paid a hefty sum to be a part of the League. Teams were also allowed to have substitutes in their squads and introduced a playoff system, too.

Clayster speaks up on the new Call Of Duty League Format

People in the industry will have divided opinions regarding this decision. Take a look at what current champion Clayster had to say about this. “Don’t get me wrong, CoD is far more tactical and easier to watch in 4v4. I think 4v4 is far better than 5v5. They should’ve made this change when every player was a F/A and was building rosters like, iunno, before this f****n year? Why make teams build like this just to revert?”

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He does make a valid point here. All the franchises had the freedom to have more than 5 players in their roster but reducing the format will definitely mean they will have to let go of certain players. Clayster also added some more comments to this. Take a look at it below.

It is also possible that they will allow more teams to participate in the tournament and that is probably how the players who don’t make the cut will be able to play in the tournament. More details regarding the same will come soon. Keep watching this space for more.

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