Call of Duty League: Chicago Huntsmen Reunites Scump with Ex-Teammate for 2021

October 24, 2020 3:31 pm

The inaugural version of the Call of Duty League opened a lot of opportunities for everyone. Chicago Huntsmen had an illustrious roster, but they ultimately fell short to Dallas and Atlanta. With the likes of Arcitys, Formal, Gunless, and Envoy, joining ranks with ‘The King’ Scump, fans had hoped nothing would stop this squad.

Soon, problems cropped up and Chicago lost to Florida in a Home Series in quite a humiliating fashion. In May 2020, Prestinni, Arcitys’ twin brother, joined the squad to replace Gunless. The change immediately took effect and Chicago moved on to win the London Home Series.

After that event, everybody agreed on how good Chicago looked and that they were in it for the long haul. They indeed were in for the long haul. Chicago made it to the last round of the Playoffs before the Championship Weekend. There, however, they were thrashed and the five-star team settled for third place.

Scump reunited with old teammate following change in Call of Duty League format

Come 2021, the League is changing and so are the teams. Teams have been making changes to their rosters in the last couple of months since the League has changed its format to 4v4. It was no different for Chicago.

They retained three of their players, Scump, Formal and Envoy. Envoy proved to be such a potent influence for the team it would have been a shame to let him go. Further to that, as the fourth player, Dashy will jin them from Optic.

After a disappointing 2020 for Dashy, he looking to turn things around. Furthermore, he is teaming up with his former teammate Scump. Any fan of the Call of Duty franchise who has followed the World Championships to date knows how strong the T2P is as a duo. Along with that, most of their glittering performances have come in the 4v4 format.

Therefore, aided by Envoy and Dashy, Formal and Scump duo taking the lead, Chicago Huntsmen’s current roster looks like it is going to be a tough one to cross. All we need is to wait for the League to begin and the games to commence in the new maps of Cold War.

Watch this space for more news on the Call of Duty League.

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