Call Of Duty League: Clayster on Being Three-Time Champion Despite Adversities

September 1, 2020 11:35 pm

The Call Of Duty League just finished its inaugural year a couple of days ago. It started on a high back in 2019, but as the year progressed, the pandemic stood in the way of its success. The whole League had to be transferred online, which was the biggest drawback it could face in its starting year. Furthermore, players couldn’t cope with the sudden changes. The pressure to keep winning every Home series was immense, and therefore, a few teams faltered.

Dallas Empire finally reigned as the World Champions of the 2020 League on August 30. James ‘Clayster’ Eubanks marked his third World Championship win with this victory. He joined Crimsix and Karma in the three-ring club of COD royalty.

Dallas Empire defeated top seed Atlanta FaZe 5-1 in a dominant final matchup. Clayster had won his previous Championship with SIMP and aBeZy in 2019, and both of the youngsters now play in FaZe.

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Clayster on winning Call Of Duty Champs again

In a post-match interview with Landon ‘Lando’ Sanders, Clayster explained what it meant to be a World Champion for the third time,

Oh man, I feel amazing, I feel so good. To go back to back, add another ring here onto the finger. This is a dream come true. This is a resurgence in my career, and it is all possible because of my teammates.

Shotzzy was criticized early in the League for not being an appropriate COD player. The Halo World Champion took some time to catch on, but when he did, he slew like a machine. Shotzzy ended up winning the regular-season MVP award. Huke is another player who brought forward an unputdownable performance with positive K/Ds.

The adversities were there, but Clayster claims his sheer determination to be the best helped overpower them,

The one word we would use for this year is ‘adversity’. We have been thrown so much stuff our way, so many failures. We have been scr***d all year. For us to persevere through and win this ring is huge. We deserved to win this ring more than anybody else. I am so proud of the kids and everybody’s efforts.

Chicago Huntsmen had joked a year ago that it had been 1400 days since Clayster had won champs. Scump can finally take back his words as Clayster is now atop the royalty circle of COD.

Going into the League next year, many older players might look up to Clayster and decide on making a come back. Age is not the issue when it comes to making a dominant performance in Esports and Clayster is the proof.


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