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Call Of Duty League: How Pros Play Search and Destroy

Call Of Duty League: How Pros Play Search and Destroy

Call Of Duty League’s inaugural season has given everyone a sight at what pro gameplay is like. We have already spoken about the difference between pub matches and pro lobbies. A tactical, step-by-step analysis of pro matches can open up a world of secrets on how pros approach a game.

A casual and pro both know how to play a game. The difference lies in the amount of research that goes behind each map. Anyone who is interested can watch pro games for hours and learn from that research-oriented gameplay. This is what we will do in this article, specifically with the Search and Destroy game mode.

Search and Destroy is a strategy-based mode. In other competitive modes like Hardpoint and Domination, the respawn makes things a bit easier. In Search and Destroy, though, each player gets only one life. And as you can imagine, losing a member puts the team at a disadvantage.

Our observation of the Call Of Duty League matches has allowed us to understand how the pros approach this particular mode. Below are a few pointers we have put together that we believe will assist you to excel in Search and Destroy games.

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Tips To Play S&D in Call Of Duty

The mode has 6 rounds. One team is tasked with attacking and planting the bomb while the other defending the bomb sites. The game concludes when one team eliminates the other completely, or when the bomb explodes or when the bomb is successfully defused.

Now let us get to the tips;

      • Communicate: It does not matter whether your team is attacking or defending. You need a plan. In addition to that, every player has a role to play. SMGs will push while ARs, along with snipers, will restrict flanks. If a player dies he/she needs to communicate the position of the enemy to the team. The bomber needs to be escorted to the site. Communication will help your team know exactly what the opponents are doing. That, along with map sense, will allow the players to gain control over the map. Bad callouts or even no callouts will result in unexpected firefights, which can be detrimental to your team.
      • First Blood: The importance of getting First Blood is tremendous. It immediately puts the enemy at a disadvantage. Furthermore, they are then forced to change positions to fill in the void. 69% of the games won in CDL were by the teams who got the first blood. That stat should be enough to highlight how important it is. Watch this video by Call Of Duty League where they explain how AbeZy and SIMP win S&Ds for FaZe by getting the First Blood.
      • [Youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N11JuTeTkyo]
      • Planting The Bomb: This is an attack only strategy that most pub players don’t follow. When a team is attacking, it is paramount they get the plant done as soon as possible. Planting the bomb puts the opponent under pressure as the bomb starts ticking. Moreover, they now have to clear the bomb site of enemies before they can defuse the bomb. Further to that, if you cover the entry points, place trophy systems, and hold the flanks, there’s no way the enemy is getting close to the bomb.
      • Use Lethals: Your grenades, semtex, and smokes are important. Firstly, cover your flanks with smoke so that the onlooking sniper can’t take your team out. Second, throw grenades and semtex when you expect a plant to happen. Also, use flashbangs. They can give you that short window you need to rush inside a site and clear enemies. Furthermore, use a trophy system to stop enemy lethals from attacking. If you dare to do a ninja defuse, smoke is your only friend.
      • Be Unpredictive: Do not follow the same cross route every round. Once the enemy knows your pattern, it is better to change it up a bit. They will expect you to do certain things and employ certain tactics. Nonetheless, if you need to hold down the same lane more than once, peek only when necessary. Also, always expect a sniper at the other end. Be intelligent with your positioning and weaken your enemy with lethals or tap fire before committing to a 1v1 gunfight. For this, you need to play a lot to understand every map. Understand the value of trigger discipline to gain a tactical advantage over the enemy.

In the end, practice makes perfect, so get to it. Also, watch the Call Of Duty League Playoffs from August 19th and try and understand the thought-process of the players.

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