Call of Duty League: Reports Suggest Major Roster Changes Following 4v4 Shift

September 5, 2020 3:34 pm

The Call of Duty League 2020 saw an edge-of-the-seat fight between some of the greatest CDL rosters out there, namely Chicago Huntsmen, Atlanta FaZe, and OpTic Gaming Los Angeles. Although Huntsmen emerged as the league winner, both FaZe and OGLA put up a good fight. Currently, all three teams are looking at roster changes, and thanks to the well-placed sources of Dot Esports, the upcoming changes have come to the surface.

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These roster changes might be a result of the shift from 5v5 back to the 4v4 game system at the next CDL season. According to current reports from said sources, Huntsmen player Arcitys will be joining the Atlanta Faze roster. This news is rather striking since it would mean the end of the duo formed by him and his twin brother, Prestinni.

Huntsmen, OGLA, and Atlanta Faze revamp their Call of Duty League rosters

At the Atlanta FaZe roster, Arcitys will join former eUnited teammates aBeZy and Simp. 2020 MVP candidate Cellium will be the fourth player on the roster. OGLA substitute player Dashy will most likely be taking Arcitys’ place in the Huntsmen roster. This will reunite him with former OpTic teammate Scump. However, Prestinni’s next move is not known.

Arcitys is set to join the Atlanta Faze CDL roster

On the other hand, OpTic Gaming Los Angeles will sign Atlanta FaZe player Priestahh, sources have confirmed. This will further reunite the other famous trio of Priestahh, SlasheR, and Kuavo. TJHaLy will remain in the OGLA roster as well.

If the said teams decide to impose an extension upon the players, they have to do so within September 7, 1:59 am CT. If the teams do not extend the contract of the players, they become free agents, starting at 2 am CT on September 14.

All of this is exciting news. With the changed rosters, the teams are perhaps trying to restore old team play strategies, now that the league is reviving 4v4. The next Call of Duty League season results will show how far they have succeeded in doing so.

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