Call Of Duty League to Expand and Mark a 100 Thieves Return?

August 29, 2020 3:34 pm

The Call Of Duty League is currently in its inaugural season and will come to an end very soon. The Championship Weekend starts on August 29 and four finalist teams will battle it out for the ultimate glory. With the League ending, people are going to be looking forward to the next season of CDL.

There are already several rumors looming over the next CDL season. Firstly, the Call Of Duty League might turn the tournament 4v4. This was how it was prior to the Advanced Warfare days. The five-man squad introduction changed things in a lot of rosters, and a 4v4 decision might do the same. More news on this will follow when the multiplayer reveal happens for Black Ops Cold War, the upcoming Call Of Duty game.

With the 4v4 rumors comes the idea of roster changes and league expansion. Any news on this topic is absolute speculation at the moment. Rise Nation was the first to open any dialogue on CDL expansion. According to sources, Rise Nation is hoping to clinch the first expansion spot in the COD League. It also seems like Activision has issued no statements against the possible expansion of the season in 2021.

If the tournament goes 4v4, there will be a lot of players left out. Therefore, it is not unlikely that the Call Of Duty League will increase the number of teams next season.

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Will this mark a 100 Thieves return in the Call Of Duty League?

100 Thieves CEO Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag had pulled his COD roster out of the League in 2019. At the time, he felt the investment wasn’t viable. The quarantine has seen Nadeshot take part in a lot of podcasts. In a Mom’s Basement episode, Nadeshot spoke about Methodz from Toronto Ultra and pointed out that he could capitalize on more with a personality like Methodz. Whether Nadeshot goes ahead and signs Methodz for a 100 Thieves roster remains to be seen.

Sparking even more rumors, Nadeshot recently replied to a tweet.

For the uninitiated, Kuavo who is currently a member of Optic gaming used to be a part of the 100 Thieves COD roster. This tweet might simply be wishing Kuavo luck or it could signal his return. More rumors started to make the rounds about the 100 Thieves roster after Seattle’s Octane posted this:

With another former 100 Thieves player posting about the team, one could put this down to coincidence or it could herald the coming of something big. The fact that Seattle left the League this year with zero dollars from the prize pool makes this situation all the more interesting.

Till official announcements are made, incidents like these will give rise to more speculations. Until then, tune in tomorrow to watch the Championship Weekend, the final event of the League.

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