Call of Duty Mobile Introduces Anime Skins and Aimbot Ironsights

January 7, 2021 8:59 pm

Call of Duty Mobile is gradually turning into a pay to win game. Season 13 introduced many game-breaking components into the game. However, some of these items are only available if players pay a hefty sum for it.

The last mythic drop brought in the Peacekeeper MK2 -Artifact. While nothing is wrong with pretty skins, exclusive attachments are purely game-breaking. Any player with good accuracy and a DR-H or an ASM-10 will easily counter a Peacekeeper. However, the mythic variant proves to be a nuisance.

It has a kill-effect that begins right after bullets start hitting a player. The flinch is increased and the custom barrels provide a better range. Free-to-play players who want to wield the Peacekeeper, do not have similar advantage.

Something similar is happening with the new crates that came out this week. CoDM released the Crevasse Crate with the AK-47 Frostbrand. The original blueprint comes with a tactical scope on it. However, removing that scope reveals something unique.

The other crate that CoDM released was the Bento Box Crate, which had three anime blueprints. Of the three, the LK-24 Nosebleed is currently the most sought after. All the weapons have low odds of 0.25% for each pull.

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The new AK-47 is custom-built weapon for Call of Duty Mobile BR

The AK-47 Frostbrand comes with an ironsight that is unlike any inside the game. It is shaped like a red-dot that is quite big compared to other ironsights in the game. We have seen creative ironsights before, like the one on RPD-Orbit or the Man-O-War Medieval.

But unlike them, this ironsight provides a cleaner depth of vision and the green dot in the middle helps with the accuracy. We think this gun is better suited for Battle Royale than multiplayer. The reason being this ironsight provides great accuracy at range.

Also, the AK-47 is only a viable choice of weapon in BR. With ASM-10s and DR-Hs ruling the multiplayer lobby, it is not worth buying a weapon with a ton of money if you are a multiplayer regular.

But the fact remains that this weapon blueprint is only available in the crates, and that brings in the pay-to-win factor. CoDM needs to balance its free components with the paid ones and keep the purchasable in-game items purely cosmetic.

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