Call of Duty Mobile Introduces New Shotgun From WARZONE

September 16, 2020 1:58 pm

Call of Duty Mobile is currently on its tenth season. The next season is going to be the first-anniversary celebration of the Activision’s most successful mobile franchise. The hype will be more around that season with the World Championship reaching more competitive stages. Furthermore, CODM will bring back the Halloween event in October.

Season 10 of CODM has been no less in surprises for its fans. The Battle Pass slowly took a more inclusive turn towards Modern Warfare. This season saw the introduction of the epic character Mara from Modern Warfare Season 1. Also, the Terminal map from Modern Warfare 2 debuted this season. Currently, it is one of the most played maps on the platform. CODM has also promised to add the map in the ranked map selection in later dates.

Another highlight from this Season’s Battle Pass is the Echo shotgun. Warzone fans will identify this weapon as the Origin-12 shotgun from Verdansk. Origin-12 is one of the best weapons currently for close-range shootouts in Verdansk. Its accuracy and high damage make up for the low magazine and recoil.

Echo Shotgun in CODM

The Echo in CODM is available in tier 21 of the Battle Pass. This is just the base version of the weapon. An epic version is also available in tier 50 and is called Echo Demon Eyes. Only the base version is free-to-play. Additionally in a recent Lucky Draw, a legendary blueprint of the weapon called Echo Natural Causes was also added.

Legendary Echo Natural Causes

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How the Echo fare in Call of Duty Mobile?

The Echo shotgun has a damage of 93 and a fire rate of 35. Additionally, all its stats can be tweaked with the Gunsmith by maxing out the gun. In fact, the gun is a cross between the KRM and the Striker. It kicks just like the Striker and with the proper build its range can be exceptionally increased. Many YouTubers have found the gun to be broken in range.

Furthermore, aiming down sight on the weapon has proved more accurate than hip fire. The ‘lightweight’ perk is recommended to increase a player’s mobility while rocking the Echo.

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