Call of Duty Mobile: Lucky Draw Reveals New Legendary Item

November 17, 2020 4:28 pm

Call of Duty Mobile Season 12 is bringing some unorthodox changes to the game. Season 11 saw the introduction of a weapon with mythic rarity for the first time. There are only a few items in the game that have legendary rarity, including guns, calling cards and charms.

The only other thing that CODM provided in legendary rarity was Purifier-H2O skin. That was the first operator skill skin in the game, and CODM even gave it away for free. Nonetheless, one of the most hyped items in the game never got a legendary skin.

Besides guns, only one other item excites players as much, and that is a character skin. Characters in the CoD universe are vast, ranging from realistic to futuristic. After 11 seasons and hundreds of characters already released, CODM might just release a legendary character skin.

Recent leaks suggest that a new lucky draw will come, maybe as early as this season, with the new legendary character skin. According to the leaks, the character is Nikto-Dark Side.

This will also mark the release of the Desert Eagle in the game. Alongside the legendary character skin, a legendary Deagle skin can also be purchased.

Below is a list of all the items that can be found in the lucky draw.

  • Legendary character skin- Nikto- Dark Side
  • Epic gun skin- XPR-50-Dark Tech
  • Wingsuit- Dark Tech
  • Legendary charm- Face of Evil
  • Emote- Lord of Death
  • Karambit- Dark Tech
  • Smoke Grenade- Dark Tech
  • Motorcycle- Dark Tech
  • Legendary pistol skin- .50 GS- Calamity

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Other leaked lucky draws coming this season in Call of Duty Mobile

More lucky draws that are probably going to release later this season were leaked recently. Furthermore, the leaks list out all the items available in the lucky draws, even the kill effects for the legendary guns. One of them will release the Sentinel Recon- Primal.

This lucky draw will also bring the first legendary DRH to the game. One of the best weapons in the game currently, many are going to welcome the addition of a legendary DRH.

The other one is a redux draw of the Cordite Zero-G. It will come with the Spectre- Spectral skin that was earlier found in crates. Have a look below.

Watch this space for more leaks and news on Call of Duty.

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